US Forest Service and the Avenza App

The Forest Service has made many of their maps available to be used on mobile devices in order to reduce the need for printing. These maps NOT just PDF versions. Many have additional capabilities to make them usable in the field. They do NOT require cell service as they use the satellite capabilities built into most mobile devices.

Here's how it works:

Avenzamaps QR code image 1. Go to (link opens in a new window) or scan the QR code (right).

2. If you do not have the FRREE Avenza Maps app, click on "Get the app".

3. Once you have downloaded the app, click on "Get the map". The page will scroll down to where you have to click on "VISIT THE MAP STORE".

4. If you have previously accessed the map store you will probably be seeing a screen showing eastern Washington with a lot of rectangles on it. Each rectangle represents a map you can download.

5. Use the following filters to narrow down the search results:

FIND MAPS NEAR: Start typing the name of the National Forest you want maps of, i.e., Colville National or Idaho Panhandle and click on "SEARCH". The full name of the forest should automatically be filled in. A list of the available downloads for the forest will appear.

6. Click on "FREE" for the FIRST map you want to downlad. A dialog box will appear indicating you have just placed this map in your cart (don't worry, these are free - except the Forest Visitor Map. All items you want to download must first be placed into your shopping cart so they can be downloaded). If you want more than one map, click on "Continue shopping". Once you have selected the last map you want to download, click on "Go to shopping cart"

7. Once you are in the shopping cart, review your downloads. if you want to add any more downloads, click on "Get Maps" If you want to delete any downloads, click on the trash can to the right of "Free".

8. Now you are ready to checkout and download your maps. Click on "Checkout".

9. If you already have an account on Avenza Maps, log in. If not, you will need to create a free account.

10. Once you have logged in, you will see the list of maps you have chosen to download.

11. If you have slected any maps that are NOT free, there will be a price listed. You will need to purchase these maps prior to downloading.

With the app and maps installed on your mobile device, you will be able to:
• View your location on the PDF maps using the built-in GPS device
• Measure distances and areas
• Record GPS tracks
• Plot waypoints
• Plot Geo-Tagged photos
• View maps offline (no cell phone data connection is needed after downloading the map)

Page last updated: August 31, 2021