Appreciating our forest lands while we promote the fun and enjoyment that the ATV/UTV has to offer. Riding
the Inland Northwest trails and roads that are available to enjoy. Increasing our club membership will enable
us to actively support your rights to use public lands, while working with local, state, and federal land
managers to keep trails and roads available for recreational use.

Why become a member of the
Eastern Washington ATV Association?

Some of the benefits of membership:
• Information on places to ride
• Coordinated rides and campouts
• Keeping you informed on current regulations
• Family events, fun runs, parties
• Trail maintenance
• Supporting your right to access
• Information and education on ATV safety
• Discount on Life Flight memberships

Our July 7th meeting is planned to be at
Audubon Park in Spokane.
(3536 North Audubon Street; west side of park)

Page last updated: June 7, 2022