Six Saddles Ride - November 3, 2018

The last hurrah of 2018 (for some); this ride wraps up my season of rides. I know some of you will continue all winter and I say "Go For It!"

We had 5 machines for today's ride out of 4th of July with me riding the only ATV, by myself. We never did see one flash of sunshine, in fact about 1/3 of ride was in the fog or low clouds whatever you want to call it. No rain, No dust, No snow, just mud puddles that some liked plowing through.

Funny on the snow, there was none along road at 4800 foot level on hills that we passed over but farther north at the 3800 foot level there were some patches the size of your fist along the road in grass and brush. The tamaracks still had most of their needles and were a nice golden.

We traveled 61 miles in a little over 6 hours, not much live game was sighted; odd item was a turkey (hen) way up in the woods. Notice I said "live" because in the middle of one road was a fresh intact rib cage and backbone of a deer (I would guess), the ribs had fresh small bits of red meat still on them. A strange sight! There were hunters in trucks out, maybe a sightseer or two in trucks and some ATVs. Half way through we stopped at Honeysuckle campground; the gate was closed but the toilets were open. Not many pictures were taken as my photographer was at home, some of the things in the photos looked like we were rained upon but that was not the case, just the fog settling.

Thanks for joining me today!

Pictures from the ride:
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