Trail Clearing - April 27, 2019

Comments from Ken C - Ride leader:

Had one side by side, and six ATVs. Four new members were on the ride. We rode approximately 40 miles, but didn't ever start a chainsaw.

Started the ride loaning a buddy of mine - the battery out of my Ozark. He left his key on and it killed his battery. The Ozark has a pull start. After some McGyvering we got a battery that was nearly two times too big in his ATV just in time for the first rain storm. We rode about ten miles in a very heavy rain storm. The views along the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River were still beautiful even though the weather wasn't cooperative. At about mile ten we ran into snow. It was about six inches deeper than the Ozark wanted to go through. One of the new members came to my rescue and pulled the Ozark a few hundred yards to dirt. Thanks for the tow Bill. We were able to go about another six miles until we were unable to go any further. The north side of the mountains still are shading plenty of snow.

After dealing with rain, snow, sleet and plenty of wind we decided to head back towards the vehicles. During the sixteen mile ride back mother nature threw everything the northwest spring can offer at us. When we got back to the trucks we took a short snack/lunch break and discussed our options. After a short break we rode across the 209 and rode the 3001A trail.

All things considered we had a great time. Very mild mishaps didn't damper the spirit. Planning on going back up in two or three weeks. I had a really good time and enjoyed meeting the new members.

Additional comments from Randy G - Ride participant:

Couple more photos of the "so called" trail clearing ride yesterday. Weather was a factor, snow was on the ground and falling from the sky at times; But we did get a little trail clearing done and had a great time. Thank you Ken — with Bill P.

Videos of the ride:
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Pictures from the ride:
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