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4th of July Pass Area Ride - June 10, 2017

Total of four riders. Got riding around 9 AM and were back to the trucks about 4 PM. We rode the upper USFS 800 to the warming hut, or what's left of it. Not sure if it was arson, or accident, but it's burned to the ground (again!). From there we rode USFS 2320 to USFS 202 crossed several small snow berms and took another break at Honeysuckle campground. Had a visit with the camp hosts about bear and moose sightings in the area. From there we rode USFS 209 to USFS 798 and rode USFS 804 and 804A loop. While doing the 804 trail it started to rain. The rain was hard, but short lived and just helped control the dust on USFS 209. After riding USFS 804 loop we rode back down USFS 209 to USFS 413, 3097, and onto USFS 999 trail. While on USFS 999 trail it began to hail so we stopped under some trees and let the weather pass. Once the weather cleared we continued on USFS 3097 to the lower USFS 800 and back to the parking lot. I didn't get the overall mileage from Randy Griffin, but it was around 70 miles. Enjoyed the conversation and company on the ride.

Video taken on ride:
Ride video
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