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4th of July Pass Sport Ride - July 14, 2018

Comments from Ken C - Ride leader:

Got a late start. Headed out of the 4th of July pass parking lot just before 9. Rode up the 800 trail to the Skitwich warming hut. On the way one of our riders got a flat. We plugged it and were on the way again. While we were at the hut the North Idaho ATV club came up. Their ride leader also got a flat. We offered help which they declined, but had a nice visit with some of their members. When we left the warming hut we rode the 802 trail in it's entirety then followed the 209 towards the 804 trail. We rode the 804 trail the headed to the 999 and rode back towards the vehicles.

Came up short on the 100 mile goal. One trip meter read 97 miles another said 98. Had to add gas to two machines. Had eight machines and ten people.

Additional comments from Randy G - Ride participant:

A couple photos of the 4th of July Pass ride led by Ken C yesterday. He promised us a 100 mile ride. He failed to deliver; we only logged
98 by Jerry's odometer. Ken put us on some awesome trails though; the 802, the 434, the 209, the 919, the 999, and some others that just made me
dizzy. Some pretty tight trails at times, but somehow Christa and Tracy magically negotiated each one with that stretch UHV they rode. They
"claim" they never had to back up to get around any tight corners. NOT. That 802 is a magic trail. Loved it. I think we had about 10
riders. Just right. He promised us nice weather, and did deliver on that.

Thanks Ken.

Response from Ken (to Randy's speed comment):

Funny thing Randy I was told by more than one rider I was going either too slow, or much slower than the past.

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