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Bunco - Clark Fork,  June 30 2018

From Randy G (ride leader):

Thanks to the 21 or so folks who came on the ride to Clark Fork yesterday. A lot of newer members were on the ride. It was a great ride, for the first 80 miles, but that last 10 was a real nightmare, eh? I called for dust, but the dust wasn't an issue; I called for heavy traffic on the road, but that didn't turn out correct either. Rain and mud turned out to be the rule for that last 10 miles, and they were definitely the longest. I apologize for taking you guys on one wrong turn near the end. I blame that on rain, uh, no, just stupidity. The good news is nobody ran out of fuel, although a few were on fumes at the end; No injuries, except the free shower turned us all cold and wet. No break downs. We got to know each other a little, though at my age I'll forget most of your names. Lunch at Clark Fork was awesome, and the earlier views (before the clouds and rain) of the Lake were super. I think we all have a story to tell about this day. Thanks again for coming.

From Gary P (ride participant): Bunco to Clark Fork was a hoot.  Great scenery from High Drive of the lake and more so coming back down along the lake.  Everyone had a great time until the rain caught us from Lakeview back to the parking lot.

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