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Haystack Saddle Ride - October 14, 2017

A fall ATV ride – there were 6 machines to enjoy the ride. We saw all kinds of weather except for sunshine. We rode 58 miles from the north fork of CDA river to the Montana border up high. The snow showed up alongside the road at about 3800 feet and by 4300 feet covered the road. All the snow we rode through had a pickup truck breaking trail for us from the previous day. At the high point ~5100 feet it was 5 maybe 6 inches deep and some very light fog from snow. The leaves provided wonderful color but the tamaracks had yet to turn color. We had a light wind and with cold up high and snow on the ground the cold fought its way through our clothing. The side by sides were enclosed so plenty of warmth there. Very glad for the heated grips and Faye enjoyed her heated seat behind me. My hot coffee and hot onion soup sure hit the spot at the stops we made. A fair number of hunting camps were passed some were at elevation in the snow. Some had trailers and others wall tents and some smaller tents. A number of road hunters passed us and there we some trucks parked that hunters had headed out from. Elk season was open in full force!! Didn't hear any shots during the 5-1/2 hours we were out. We all had a lesson on the Shemagh head scarf worn in Afghanistan by military. I had seen Shane wearing it on our Vector mine ride. He gave us a demonstration on how to wrap one around the head. Pretty neat item. He should give a demo on its use and wearing of one at our next meeting! Great for riding in the dust, which he did a lot of over there. When the ride ended it was nice to climb into a warm truck!

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