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Hudlow - Solitare Saddles Ride - June 3, 2017

A great first ride of the year. Beautiful sunshine and greenery everywhere. We had 8 machines that left Bunco parking at a little after 9 AM, with 3 of them UTVs. On the ride there was a small amount of dust here and there, more so as the day warmed up, just glad we had some rain beforehand to help. The ride was just under 65 miles and with 4 hours riding and 1 hour of breaks. While riding the tight jeep trail (NF 1525) we crossed a couple of streams and got to see some snow along side the trail. A few miles farther we had to drive around a moose carcass (do have a picture if you would like to see it - contact Rich Krenkel). After that we popped out on Bunco (NF 332) and headed back to the parking lot.

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Ride profile (image)
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