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Hudlow–Solitare Saddles Ride - May 5, 2018

Our ride has been renamed 'Blocked by Snow Ride'.

We started with plan A, went to plan B, and finally got plan C to work. Good news is we started with 12 machines and ended with 12 machines,
all riders accounted for. As we were getting ready in Bunco parking lot 2 nice guys (father and son) asked to ride with us, they were from
Backcountry ATV club and thought some of their guys were going to ride but through a mix up they were the only ones so we were happy for them
to join us.

Glen and Kerry fit right in with our group. We headed out with nice weather for Hudlow Saddle, we got to 385 and headed south but only got
1.5 miles before snow blocked us. It looked like the soft snow went on for some ways so turned around and headed farther up Bunco towards
258 still wanting to go to Horse Haven. A little ways before 258 we were blocked by snow on Bunco, up till then very little, if any snow
was on Bunco.

Again the snow went on as far as we could see. Okay plan C. We knew from Gilbert that you could ride to Lakeview (to the north) so back we
went to 278 by the time we reached Gold Creek Lodge it was time for lunch so we pulled in. A few ordered meals and others ate at the picnic
tables on the porch. I decided to try some of their French fries and that was a great choice. They were some of the best if not 'the best'
I've had. Be sure and order up a basket if you are anywhere near there.

Due to beautiful weather lots of trucks, atvs and motorcycles were out even had another group of 10 machines that we met up twice. The Bunco
parking lot was 3/4 full, even the sheriffs were out although we did not see any on roads.

Definitely the most I’ve ever seen. Then again all riding was forced to the north side of Bunco road. After lunch we went down and cruised
main street of Lakeview and stopped at the dock for a short break. Then it was time to head back for parking lot. We headed north across
bridge and back to 278 to 1180 (by the Sunshine Mine) and back to Bunco road then to parking lot. Dropping down on the north side of Bunco
road, no snow at all. I think it was due to effect of Lake Pend Oreille. While dropping down on south side of Bunco road there as still snow
blocking roads. The picture of mountain with snow on it is Chilco Mtn.

We road for 56 miles in 4 hours with 2-1/2 hour of it being stopped. All in all a good ride.

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