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Hudlow-Solitare Saddles Ride - October 20, 2018

There were 13 people (7 machines) who experienced the best ride of the year. That was the Hudlow – Solitare Saddles out of Bunco. It was sunny all day and the sunshine really lit up the tamaracks and the other trees that were changing colors. There was dust on Bunco Road (NF 332) from lack of rain and some other roads had dust in spots, mostly it was just fine fall riding. Heck we even saw ice on some puddles down at Horse Haven where the cold had settled in overnight. The 63 miles were covered in 7:20 hours with 5:20 hours of that moving. It was good to get back to vehicles to rest our bodies, at least it was for me. We met many others out riding, 2 motorcycles, ATVs and a few hunters in trucks. We went by a number of hunting camps and some parked trucks were the hunters were out in the woods looking for the elk. Lots of good memories on that ride, especially the fall colors.

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Ride profile (image)
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