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Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs)

The Forest Service (USFS) uses Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) to inform forest visitors where you are allowed to have motor vehicles. These maps are legal enforcement tools which means you must be on an approved motorized road, trail, or area at all times while in the forest.

Each forest unit is required to make available, at no cost, copies of their MVUMs. They are generally available at any Forest Service office as well as online.

In most cases the online version (PDF) is too large to print at home. Therefore obtaining a printed copy is probably a better action.

The Forest Service has made their MVUMs available to be used on mobile devices in order to reduce the need for printing MVUMs. These are NOT just PDF versions. They have additional capabilities to make them usable in the field. They do NOT require cell service as they use the GPS capabilities built into most mobile devices. This document explains how to obtain the MVUMs for use on your mobile device.

Click on the appropriate link below to go to the USFS unit's MVUM web page (links open in new browser window):

Planning a trip to other than the Colvile NF or IPNF? This web page has links to ALL the currently available MVUMs: https://www.fs.fed.us/recreation/programs/ohv/ohv_maps.shtml

Downloading interactive PDFs to your mobile device: This document explains how to obtain the MVUMs for use on your mobile device.

In addition to having copies of the MVUMs, it is highly recommended you obtain a copy of the latest Forest Visitor Map (FVM). These are generally available, for a fee, at most Forest Service Offices.

Temporary road/area/trail closures:

Before traversing any roads or trails, be sure to check the current conditions for that road or trail to ensure a temporary restriction is not in place.

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