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Riley Saddle Ride - August 19, 2017

We had an early start which made for good riding as the roads still held some dampness from the cool night. A total of 10 machines enjoyed the ride of 54 miles, with only one minor break down, a blown fuse for the fuel pump which was easy to replace once the fuse location was found. The first 3rd of the ride was in heavy timber which shaded the road and made for lovely dust free riding. Then we hit the area where they were logging the fire of 2 years ago. Lots of powder dust from logging trucks running back and forth. We did come across few people picking huckleberries and almost stopped for some picking of our own but continued on. The last third of the ride was again in shaded timber which cut down the dust. I did get some ribbing on not having my share of dust on me but that is a big perk of leading a ride. (Hint, Hint -- for those who want to be dust free lead a ride!!) We did see what I would guess to be a hundred inner tubes on the river of people floating the waters, as the weather was perfect for that. One happy note was 2 young people were on the ride, Thanks Gill for bringing them and getting them interested in riding with the club.

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