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Six Saddles Ride - October 28, 2017

Cold, sunshine, fog, snow, very very little dust and bright blue skies. It was 63 miles of great riding for 5-1/2 hours. Seven machines and 11 people enjoyed this fall ride. Plenty of color as the tamaracks had turned a lovely yellow which contrasted nicely with the evergreens. We did have some snow-ice on the road for about 200 feet that was left over from 5 or so days before. The snow was in a permanently shaded corner. On one section of road there were lots of hunters in trucks and empty trucks with the hunters out searching for deer. Didn't hear a shot all day! Had to almost stop to keep from running over a couple of grouse and there were some others that flew off before I got to them. I'm sure I will hear about my not finding the road I had on my gps (not there anymore) as I had the group turn around twice, I was thinking of a few more turn arounds for the group but out of the corner of my eye I saw them reaching for their scalping knives so I took the nearest road (with Larry's guidance) and will live to ride another day. Thanks for joining Faye and me everyone.

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