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Trail 16 - August 18, 2018

From Randy G (ride leader):

Just got home from trail 16 ride and thought I'd do a little After Action Report(AAR) while the memory is still there.

Although we had a great day overall, the trail 16 demons did exact their toll on us. The day started as planned with riders starting in both Kellogg and Wallace, with the intent of meeting at Lake Elsie for lunch. The group I was leading was right on schedule and enjoying the ride, the scenery, and the weather; we even stopped to pick huckleberries and say hello to some grouse. I contacted Gary on the radio at 11:30 sharp as planned. He was just pulling into a nice campsite at Elsie Lake. I told him we'd be there in 20-30 minutes; "Great" he said, lunch'll be ready."

Then about 68 trail demons attacked us from all sides. First, one rider and machine left the trail and crashed down the mountain. That rider ended up being transported out for medical attention and is tonight apparently OK, but will be sore for quite awhile. Then the battery died on an ATV we were using to winch the fallen one up the 60 degree incline. ATV's were parked on the narrow steep trail pointed in both directions. Couldn't turn them around, so we had to back some down a steep sidehill. Well, another ATV left the trail backing down and then we had two down, with two injured riders. Both embattled ATV's then had mechanical problems; One would not start and had to be left. Fortunately, we waited for the demon to leave that ATV and were able to go back and get it running and outa there later. The other had a broken throttle stuck on so the RPM's raced out of control and was super dangerous to drive. After a great lunch we changed the plan as we were then well over 2 hours behind schedule, and some of us decided to take a shorter afternoon ride then exit the mountains at Kellogg instead of Wallace.

So, we had to do quite a lot of transporting back and forth to get tow vehicles n-stuff re-arranged. One guy lost his phone, which fortunately was recovered and returned later by an honest person who found it lying in the middle of the road in Wallace. Someone stole the spare tire for my ATV trailer from the trailhead.

We were not able to go to the restaurant as the sun was setting by the time we all got out. Anyway, I'd like to thank all the club members who participated in today's boondoogle because we did well working as a group mitigating this possible disaster. You are all hero's. Specifically I want to thank a few people I observed doing some heroic stuff today, but I know so many more were done that I did not see: Gary and Lil for a great lunch...Bob for calm, clear, radio communication under pressure...Brad for taking charge of winching up that ATV...Doug and Joyce for transporting our worst casualty to medical professionals....Kate for putting up with all the crazy adults. Also I want to thank every club member present today for showing patience and flexibility and for not losing it at your ride leader. This was a very technical ride, and as always on trail 16, we did not come away unscathed. But I believe we all know each other a little better, we've all learned a little more about out abilities to handle our ATV's, and we all enjoy a good elk burger. I know people will post photos later, so I'm going to bed now.

From Bill P (participant):

The Side-by-Side section of the EWATV Ride on Saturday 8-18-2018 went well. Total trip was 34.3 miles. Max Elevation was 6152, min was 2344. 3:30 hours moving at an average speed of 9.8 mph. Max speed was 37, that was either on the main road trip in or back to the haul vehicles. We picked Huckleberries, visited, had lunch, visited with Trail 16 group, rode some more. Great day.

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