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USFS Road 391 Ride - Oct 8, 2016

The USFS Road 391 ride was almost perfect, no the weather wasn’t what dropped the rating --- it was the tamaracks! They hadn’t turned color yet! Darn! I couldn’t believe it, 3 weeks ago up at Priest Lake they were a beautiful yellow and yesterday they were a light green, thinking about turning yellow. Oh well that is nature, sometimes unpredictable. Okay, we had 10 machines, can you believe that with how the weather was! and that many brave souls showed up. We arrived at Taft parking area and the skies looked like they were clearing. Everyone else put on their rain suits BUT I being the optimist thought “don’t put it on, it will clear up”.  You guessed it 5 miles into the ride I was pulling the ATV over and putting on my rain gear, 15 minutes later the rain ended and that was the last we had for the whole day. The statistics for the day; 71 miles – time 6:30 -  ride time 4:45 – 10 machines 13 people.

We left the parking area and as we were heading up there were construction signs on side road to the east, “odd” I though. We reached the ridge top and headed east after a mile we came across the construction that was being done on NF391, 3 inch? cable was being buried alongside the road with a boring machine. We were able to ride past but a pickup wouldn’t have made it. Didn’t stop to ask why or what but would have to guess communication cable, where it was heading maybe Avery?? Or beyond. They had turned away from Hiawatha trail so it wasn’t for that. After that is when the rain hit. I was glad I had the rain gear on as it was a bit windy and cold up on the ridge after the rain ended and the suit helped stop the wind. The views at first were limited due to clouds in valley but we got far enough out and looking down in the St Joe drainage you could see small clouds in the drainages amongst the trees. We stopped at paved road to St Regis for a small break and then did a new loop that we hadn’t done in previous years. We headed down towards Avery on paved road for about 6 twisty miles to NF 388, no traffic which was good. Then worked our way back up to NF 391 by way of NF 388 and NF 214.  NF 214 was a nice old narrow road with great views and trees. After reaching state line we traveled east and took a rest above Clear Lake, lovely lake to look at but the trail down would have been a tough one and even tougher one back up. Our next stop was Dominion Peak, hey you can’t ride the state line without a stop there for the view. By waiting until the return trip the low clouds (still overcast) had cleared so you could see all the peaks for 360 degrees the wind wasn’t too bad but we didn’t stay long. There are new marble grave stones that replace a couple of the old ones on the north side of the peak. We took NF 810 and by passed the construction and had a different view back to the vehicles. All in all a very good day!

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