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Vector Mine Ride - September 30, 2017

Left a little after 9AM from the Bunco parking lot with 16 machines. Boy I haven't had that many in 3 years or so.

Sure glad we had cooler weather and the dust wasn't too bad except for poor Gary who brought up the rear.

Perfect day as it stayed cool and sunny for most of the day. We had maybe 10 drops of rain on us as we headed down Bunco road towards the parking lot.

The ride covered 45 miles and took 5-1/2 hours. We visited 2 mines and what I think was a crusher mill.

Lots of nice tight roads that you could almost call a trail. Had a number of visitors on ride and hopefully they enjoyed themselves enough to become members. Lots of hunters out and we passed a number of hunter camps, as you can see in pictures I was playing it safe with my "I'm not a bear" vest. The only critter I saw all day was one grouse.

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Ride profile (image)
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Ride track (GPS file) - Members Only

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