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Where To Ride

Where to ride:

Idaho: http://trails.idaho.gov/

Washington: http://where-to-ride.info/
Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs):

Part of knowing where you can ride is being aware of what roads and trails are open in your National Forest.
Under the USFS Travel Management Plan (TMP), it is the responsibility of the operator of a motorized vehicle to know whether the area, road, or trail they are on has been authorized for motorized travel.
In addition to having copies of the MVUMs, it is highly recommended you obtain a copy of the latest Forest Visitor Map (FVM). These are generally available, for a fee, at most Forest Service Offices.

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Temporary road/area/trail closures:

Before traversing any roads or trails, be sure to check the current conditions for that road or trail to ensure a temporary restriction is not in place.

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Downloading interactive PDFs to your mobile device: This document explains how to obtain the MVUMs for use on your mobile device.

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