About the Eastern Washington ATV Association

The purpose of Eastern Washington ATV Association is:
  • To encourage and promote ATV recreation as a family activity;
  • To encourage and promote sportsmanship and safe and responsible use of ATVs;
  • To support environmental stewardship, responsible recreation, and provide educational information concerning federal, state, and private land-use laws and regulations concerning the ownership and use of ATVs;
  • To work with public land-use regulatory agencies to ensure continued access to public lands;
  • To recognize ATV competition as an important part of recreational ATVing;
  • To recognize and support improved ATV access for elderly and disabled individuals.
The Eastern Washington ATV Association is a non-profit organization consisting of people from all walks of life. Appreciating our forest lands while we promote the fun and enjoyment that the ATV/UTV has to offer. Riding the Inland Northwest trails and roads that are available to enjoy. Increasing our club membership will enable us to actively support your rights to use public lands, while working with local, state, and federal land managers to keep trails and roads available for recreational use.

Download our tri-fold brochure for more information: EWATV Tri-Fold Brochure (PDF)

Page last updated: April 28, 2021